“Sean McGowan is the most promising young solo guitarist I have ever heard. His first CD, River Coffee, paints a broad, beautiful picture of his enormous virtuosity, unrelenting musicality, playful sense of humor and remarkable knowledge of musical history. Guitarists will weep yet laugh with delight as they try to figure out what he is doing, and history will remember Sean as one of the most important guitarists of his generation."
- Tuck Andress of Tuck & Patti

“An emerging artist of considerable depth…"
- Acoustic Guitar magazine

"He is in this sense in the long tradition of guitarists who have made genuine strides in enlarging the technical possibilities of the instrument. They have heard something in their heads that they wanted to bring to life on the guitar, and they figured out a way to do it, even when it seemed impossible or awkward at first. That is what technique really is - a way to solve the demands of the music - and Sean is a musician first and a virtuoso second, which is as it should be. Most of all, he is a man who enjoys thinking for himself. This patient independence of mind is what produces great artistry, and you can hear it on every cut of this disc [River Coffee]."
- Anthony Weller

"Well, in this huge world of music, with "umpteen" artists debuting their work way before their time, few artists I've come across match the readiness and musical knowledge of native Mainer, Sean McGowan."
- WMPG Radio, Portland, Maine